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It feels like the real thing. Each simulated bullet leaves a hole-punch in the simulated paper target. Choose from a range of practice programs or try our custom-built, exclusive Number One Gun challenges and fire away without the cost of ammo.

Virtual bullets. Real thrill.

Practice on the world’s most accurate simulated shooting range using real firearms that have been modified with laser recoil kits.

  • Shoot, practice and train exactly like on a live range—without ammunition cost
  • Features a wide variety of targets, qualifications, exercises and marksmanship drills
  • Choose self-directed practice on static targets or timed courses-of-fire with full instructions built-in
  • Each simulated bullet leaves a hole-punch in the simulated paper target
  • Zoom in to examine your results with the press of a button
  • To further simulate the live range, we provide ear and eye protection to wear during your session

For Groups

Our team can help you plan the ultimate group experience with our training, virtual range, live range and simulators—choose one or all.

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For Law Enforcement

We can challenge even the most seasoned officer with world-class simulation technology and live-fire practice—significantly improving marksmanship and situational awareness skills.

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Contact us today to book a class or reserve time at the range or simulator. We’re also glad to answer your questions.