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Stocked with a wide range of realistic scenarios, our fully immersive simulators are so cutting-edge and lifelike that until now they’ve only been available to military and law enforcement agencies.

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Now this is cutting edge.

Gander Mountain Academy is the first-and-only firearms facility to offer this life-like simulation technology to the public. Nowhere else will you find anything like our fully immersive, multi-screen, interactive virtual simulators, available in 300 and 180 degrees.While some facets of our Gander Mountain Academy are designed to train your body by focusing on gun handling mechanics, our simulators specifically challenge your mind. They test your speed and judgment, help you expect the unexpected, and prepare you for real-life situations where quick thinking is critical. Our objective is simple—if you experience it today, you’ll be prepared for it tomorrow.

  • No simulator system in the world compares to our exclusive 180º and 300º technology
  • Scenarios involving a wide range of marksmanship challenges and real life situations
  • Designed to help you make quick and accurate decisions
  • Instructors can replay and critique your actions and decisions in debriefing rooms using sophisticated software

300° Simulators

300 degrees of the unexpected. These simulators are the ultimate in full-immersion virtual reality training. Five 8-foot by 10-foot screens surround you with action, so threats can approach you even from behind! The instructor-assisted scenarios are judgment-based, self-defense situations, designed to advance your decision-making skills, improve your marksmanship and sharpen your competitive edge.

180° Simulators

180 degrees of enhanced speed, precision and marksmanship training, from basic marksmanship and steel targets, to randomized skill targets presented in real-world environments. These simulators feature three 8-foot by 10-foot screens for the ultimate in reality based training. The marksmanship drills are a series of target-based scenarios, where you can measure your speed and accuracy and push for self-improvement at your own pace. Our exclusive Number One Gun scenarios are custom-built from to address the needs of our students.

For Groups

Our team can help you plan the ultimate group experience with our training, virtual range, live range and simulators—choose one or all.

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For Law Enforcement

We can challenge even the most seasoned officer with world-class simulation technology and live-fire practice—significantly improving marksmanship and situational awareness skills.

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