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  1. Each customer is required to follow the Four Universal Safety Rules at all times:
    • Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
    • Never point your firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy.
    • Keep your finger straight, off the trigger and away from the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.
    • Know your target, what’s in line with your target and what’s behind your target.
  2. All firearms and ammunition must be inspected by Gander Mountian Academy staff prior to use.The following types of ammunition are NOT allowed at the Gander Mountain Academy:
    • Reloaded or remanufactured ammunition
    • Steel core, steel jacketed, or metal piercing
    • Cowboy and shotgun target loads
    • Center fire bird shot, rat-shot, snake-shot, .410ga PDX
    • Black powder or pyrodex loads
    • Any subsonic ammunition.
  3. Firearms may not be handled outside of the customer’s individual lane. Firearms should be uncased only at the firing line bench in your lane under the supervision of the Gander Mountian Academy staff. Your muzzle must be pointed down-range at all times. All shooting must be done from behind the lane bench; Under no circumstance is anyone permitted in front of the lane benches during range operation.
  4. Safety glasses and hearing protection are required at all times (and a brimmed cap or hat is recommended to protect your eyes against ejected cartridges) in the Gander Mountain Academy live-fire range (L-Range™).
  5. Only one customer is allowed in a lane unless the customer is a minor accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or with the approval of Gander Mountain Academy staff. If approved, only one person in the booth may handle a firearm at any given time.
  6. All minors must have parental consent to participate in Gander Mountain academy activities and may do so only when accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or Gander Mountain Academy staff member.
  7. A customer may only fire at his or her lane’s target. Cross-lane firing is not permitted.
  8. Holster work is not allowed at the Gander Mountain Academy live-fire range (L-Range™) at any time.
  9. Only Gander-Mountain-Academy-approved targets may be used.
  10. NEVER use or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs before or during shooting activities, or when handling firearms or when otherwise participating in Gander Mountain Academy activities.
  11. No food, drink, or tobacco products are allowed in the Gander Mtn. Academy live-fire range (L-Range™) at any time.
  12. Pregnant women or women considering pregnancy should be advised that lead can be a serious health issue while pregnant. Too much lead in the body can result in miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, and developmental delays in children. Please consult with your physician before engaging in firing activities on the Gander Mountain Academy live-fire range (L-Range™).
  13. All verbal instructions issued by Gander Mountain Academy staff must be followed at all times.
  14. No personal firearms are allowed in the classrooms or virtual simulation areas of the Gander Mountain Academy.
  15. Before leaving the Gander Mtn. Academy live-fire range (L-Range™), all firearms must be inspected by Gander Mtn. Academy staff to ensure the firearms are unloaded or properly secured if concealed or open-carry.
  16. These rules and other posted rules must be followed at all times. Gander Mtn. Academy customers found in violation of any Gander Mountain Academy rules or who fail to follow instructions are subject to immediate removal.
  17. The use of the Gander Mountain Academy is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to prohibit the use of Gander Mountain Academy activities by any person at any time.

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