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Can I keep my used live range targets?

Absolutely. Show off your marksmanship skills!!

Does Gander Mountain Academy rent firearms?

No, we do not. Sometimes we host vendor try-and-buy events, in which case you can use vendor-supplied firearms. Otherwise, if you plan to shoot on our live-fire range, you MUST bring in your own firearm.

What do I need to bring with me?

For virtual range or simulator use, you don’t need to bring anything. If you plan to use the live-fire range or take, you’ll need to bring your firearm, hearing and eye protection, and plenty of ammunition. We strongly recommend double hearing protection for your safety. Some of our classes will also require you to bring supplies. Check the class detail page for specifics.

Do you offer private instruction?

Yes, just call 1-888-5-GANDER (1-888-542-6337) and we’ll help you set it up. Let us know which academy you want to attend, what you want to accomplish, and if you have any specific needs. Please allow a week for schedule coordination at your desired academy. Private Instruction

If I have enough people, can I schedule a private class at a custom time?

Yes, we will be happy to work with you to accommodate your needs. For group sales requests, please complete and submit an inquiry form and one of our associates will help you with the details. Start Planning

Do you offer discounted rates for large groups?

Yes, we are happy to accommodate groups at excellent discounted prices. Our rates vary based on the activities and size of the group. For group sales requests, please complete and submit an inquiry form and one of our associates will help you with the details. Start Planning

Can I reserve your classroom for a meeting or company event?

Yes. For group sales requests, please complete and submit an inquiry form and one of our associates will help you with the details. Start Planning

What restrictions are there for using the 300-degree simulator?

The maximum number of shooters in the room is two (three including the Instructor) at a time when performing any type of scenario training. Customers under the age of 16 cannot be present during scenario training. Ages 16 to 18 must have parental consent via our waiver.

What is the difference between the 180- and 300-degree simulators?

The 300-degree simulator wraps around the shooter a full 300 degrees and consists of five 8 by 10-foot screens, and is designed for defensive scenarios, also referred to as shoot or no-shoot scenarios. The 180-degree simulator surrounds the shooter 180 degrees and consists of three 8 by 10-foot screens and is designed for speed and accuracy drills.

How much does it cost to use the 180-degree simulator?

It costs $25.00 per half-hour for the room. The rate is for room rental; it is not a per-person rate.

How many people can be in the 180-degree simulator room at once?

Up to ten people. However, only one shooter is allowed at a time. Once you have finished a drill, you may pass the firearm to another shooter.

Can I do defensive scenarios on a 180-degree simulator?

No. Our 180-degree simulators are set up for our marksmanship package, which is designed for speed and accuracy drills. These scenarios include the U.S. Marshal qualification course, steel targets, our Number One Gun program, and numerous timed shooting drills.

What is the virtual range?

Our one-of-a-kind virtual range is designed to replicate a live-fire range without the need for live ammunition. It features a two-million-pixel screen and multiple targets of your choice, which have simulated distances ranging from 3 to 50 yards. Real firearms are used (Glock or Beretta) which have been modified with a very life-like recoil kit.

Are there any age restrictions for using academy facilities?

Yes, in some circumstances. The live-fire range, virtual range, and 180-degree simulators do NOT have age restrictions. However, if a minor wishes to use these facilities, parental consent must be documented via our waiver. The restrictions are that the shooter must be able to shoot and handle the firearm above the counter and must demonstrate safe handling of said firearm.
Our 300-degree simulator is designed for defensive scenarios, and customers under the age of 16 cannot be present during this type of training. Minors between the ages of 16 and 18 must have parental consent.

Can I wear my firearm on the virtual simulator side of the Academy?

No. We have a secured customer lock-up area. The virtual simulator and, in some facilities, the classroom areas, are sterile environments, meaning no live firearms or ammunition are allowed past the metal detector into those areas. This rule also applies to those who are legal to carry concealed.

How do I get my firearms onto the premises?

If you can legally carry concealed, you are covered. Preferably, we would like for you to have your firearm in a case and be secured. When you enter the store, let the Gander Mountain associate near the entrance know you have a firearm and plan to use it at the academy. The store associate will apply a red cable tie to your case. For safety reasons, we will at no time handle your firearm outside the live-fire range. The Range Safety Officer (RSO) will remove the Red cable tie at the live-fire range when it is time to shoot.

How many firearms can I bring to Gander Mountain Academy?

As many as you want.

Are there any restrictions on ammunition that can be fired on the live range?

Yes. We do NOT allow reloaded or hand-loaded ammunition (must be manufactured), tracer, explosive-tip, armor piercing, black powder, muzzleloader, subsonic, rat shot, snake shot, birdshot, target-load for shotguns, or cowboy loads.

What firearms can I shoot on the live-fire range?

You can shoot most handguns. In all but one location (LaCrosse), you can fire rifles up to a .308 caliber (300 Winchester Magnum). Shotguns are welcome, but only 00 buck and slug are allowed.

How many people can be on the live-fire range at a time?

Up to two per stall. If there are more in your party, we will rotate them into the range, while maintaining two per stall.

How long is your live-fire range?

That depends on the facility:

  • Lake Mary, Florida: 51 feet (17 yards)
  • LaCrosse, Wisconsin: 21 feet (7 yards)
  • Lakeville, Minnesota: 30 feet (10 yards)
  • Madison, Wisconsin: 30 feet (10 yards)
  • Wichita Kansas: 30 feet (10 yards)
  • Spring, Texas: 45 feet (15 yards)

What is the cost for the live-fire range?

It costs $25.00 per hour, per lane. This charge is not per person or per firearm, and includes targets provided by Gander Mountain Academy.

How long are your classes?

Generally, each class is a minimum of three hours. Some lengths are dictated by state requirements, such as the Hunter’s Safety and Concealed Carry courses which call for longer instructional periods.

How much do your classes cost?

Prices vary by class and the state in which it is held. Generally, our main classes are $99.00 per student. We do, however, have all-day and two-day classes that are more expensive.

What classes do you offer?

Classes include: Handgun Fundamentals (Basic, and Advanced), Concealed Carry, Department of Natural Resources Hunter’s Safety, Dynamic Defensive Handgun (Introduction and Advanced), and Self Defense Pepper Spray. Find Classes

How many Gander Mountain Academies are there?

We currently have six: Lake Mary, FL; LaCrosse, WI; Madison, WI; Lakeville, MN; Spring, TX; and Wichita, KS.